By bradley charbonneau 

“Dare to stick with your gut.”

For the past decade, I have a domain name, a site, and pretty much a “brand” based on a silly line in an over-the-top short story. 

But that’s just it.

It’s weird. It’s personal. It makes little sense to most people.

And that’s exactly why it appeals to me … and why it will appeal to you when you hear the story.


“…naked nymphs licked creamy sauces from the valleys of each other’s navels…”

I Know

It's gets a little, uh, descriptive


It was safe to declare that food was becoming my meaning, my passion, my existence.

– After 210 meals of rice and/or noodles


I had been doing as the goddamn Romans for so long that the Italian government should have awarded me an honorary passport.

– Away from home just a tad over the limit


The locals scooped up a bit in their hands and then used it as a sort of Velcro napkin to pick up other items on their plate and then ate the item and the napkin. Actually, a napkin was probably closer in taste.

– Somewhere In Africa

What DO you have?

by Bradley Charbonneau | Pass the Sour Cream

Author & Speaker

Bradley Charbonneau

I have another book called “Dare.” As in, “I dare you to publish a 23-page short story you wrote 14 years ago.” 

There. I did it. 

I didn’t used to be so daring. At least, not in public. 

Once I came “out of the writer’s closet,” many things in my life changed. Maybe most things. It’s not that I’m such a different person (I still swoon for olive-skin women who tell short stories with their smile), but I’m more open about it, honest about who I am, truthful with myself. 

“Pass the Sour Cream” has become something of a mantra for me. As in, “I dare you name your website and domain name from a single, not-terribly-clear passage in a short story you wrote.” There, I did it. 

What’s your “Pass the Sour Cream” moment of daring?


But wait…there’s more.


You know that thing you’re scared to do? No, not THAT thing. The other thing. The one you never tell anyone about. 


You know those things you do now that you wonder how you ever did without and your only regret is not starting sooner? That’s this. 


I hint that it’s for the kids, but there’s a secret side effect of this book: your own spark. Sure, pretend it’s for the kids (I did), but know it’s really for you.

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