You're one day away from your dream.

Waiting around for someone to hold out his hand and say, “Let’s go.” to help you take the first step? That someone is me.

It's not a calendar. It's a mindset.

Because every other day is too mathematically complicated and because you will soon understand that you can’t not do it Every Single Day.

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"Deliciousness To My Soul."

-- Peggy Christopherson

The Story Behind the Book

What started as a simple 30-day experiment turned into an explosive transformation.

1. Procrastination

Pain. Purgatory. Paralysis. 

This is where it starts.

This is where it hurts.

Does it have to hurt to make it start? I don’t know. I only know that there was pain and I wanted it to go away.

2. Passion

Love. Heart. Dream.

I knew what I wanted.

But I was scared of it. It was “safer” if it remained a dream.

If you don’t start, you can’t fail.


But I started.

3. Perseverance

Slow. Steady. Grueling.

Things started off slowly. And painfully. It was slow. And painful.

And nowhere near fun.

But I kept at it.

It got better.

Then it got lots better.

3. Patience

Cruise. Wait. Allow.

After a while, it didn’t feel like work anymore.

It got kinda fun.

Then I couldn’t stop.

Then it was effortless. And fun. Way fun.

Then it took over and I just held on for the ride.

5. Play

Lightness. Confidence. Certainty. Potent. Powerful. Calm. Play.

It might be hard to believe from the grueling stage of Procrastination, but this is where we’re heading. We’ll get there.

What if … ?

What if every single day was a little better than the day before? What if you looked back on the week previous and you had actually gotten done what you had strived towards? What if you analyzed the previous year and you had gone above and beyond even your own high expectations? What if … you never begin? What if … today is the same as yesterday? Tomorrow is going to be the same as today? What if … you never start and you look back and you say to yourself, “What if … “

We can only influence tomorrow in what we do today. We can only look back and see the change if today we take action. Tomorrow will never come. Yesterday is over. There’s only one thing left: today. There’s only one person who can make that change: you.

"After reading this book, there is no going back. I have no choice. I make artwork everyday and I am happy."

-- Paige

Here’s a sneak peak at the Every Single Day table of contents.

Book 1: Passion

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But there’s gotta be a will.

  1. How do you know if you’re ready to make “The Leap”?
  2. You know those things you never seem to get done? What if you could get them done?
  3. You do it even when you don’t want to do.
  4. I motivated him to start. He was inspired to stay.
  5. The only productivity tip you’ll ever need.
  6. What if you had one decision less to make Every Single Day?
  7. You can run, but you can’t hide.

Book 2: Perseverance

When you’re doing what you love, not only does it not cost energy, it generates it.

  1. If you could practice more, would you?
  2. Today is a whole lot easier to see as yesterday than as tomorrow.
  3. Because “Every other day plus weekends is too complicated.”
  4. You’ll never again say, “Oh well. Another day where I didn’t get it done.”
  5. When you’re a practitioner of Every Single Day, the “how” no longer matters.
  6. Practice is Perfect
  7. Learning is Cumulative
  8. The $20,335 Recurring Passive Income Post
  9. Oh baby, it’s cold outside. (AKA: No one will notice if we don’t do this.)

Book 3: Patience

Allow your seeds to sow.

  1. This is how you live to be 103 years old.
  2. Yes, you can force the Flow State. Here’s how.
  3. Meditation is the single thing that has helped me create Every Single Day for the past 1,698 days in a row.
  4. When you hear about how a person changed her life, it changes your life.
  5. What if you could free up your brain to put your creativity into turbo overdrive?
  6. Coast
  7. The Cruise Ship & The Sailboat

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I woke up this morning and thought about how I could explain the way it feels to write this because it’s a pretty big deal. It’s basically a superhero story. You’re going to want to read this.

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