Dare (to) Do (something) Different

Then Define, Develop, Discuss, and distribute to dominate those who didn’t dare do.

Remember that time you almost…

…but then didn’t dare?

You desired it. You dreamt about it. You decided to do it. But in the end, you didn’t dare. 

  • Desire?
  • Dream?
  • Decide?
  • Do? 
  • Don’t?

That last one is nasty. 


Don’t do. Don’t desire. Don’t dream. Don’t decide. Just don’t. 

Don’t dare. 

Want some even scarier verbs? These hurt. These are that “real stuff” that people don’t like to admit, the stuff that gets whispered in back alleys, the “on my deathbed” kind of discussions. These are going to make this book 18+. Maybe I should classify it as horror. Here goes. 

  • Deliberate? 
  • Delay?
  • Debate?
  • Drag?
  • Dwell?

What’s it going to be?