We're building memories.

Look at your child. Close your eyes. Open them. 10 years have passed. What do you remember most?

Do you feel like you have a little something special waiting inside you to get out and reach the world?

I know we all have a little bit of magic in us. I’ve found mine. I’m here to help you find yours.

Non fiction author
of personal development
paranormal thrillers.

You see, I wrote this book “Every Single Day” but as I wrote it, a character crawled out from in between the lines and came to life. He’s now demanding that I write his story.

So I’m afraid my upcoming personal development book on kids and screen time (tentative title “Luca? Luca? Hello? Can you hear me?”) will have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, Charlie Holiday is arriving soon to bookstores (and imaginations) everywhere. Want to be the first to get to know him?



Fiction, nonfiction, personal development, paranormal fantasy, and children’s. Oh, all related.


I have 3 of them. Who knew? Yeah, me, myself, and now you. Some are chapters of my books.

Gern Blanston

This bullet pionts is nothing. Do you know who the title is? If you do, you just got to know me that much better.

Write Every Day

Since November 1, 2012, I’ve posted Every Single Day. See a trend? It’s changed my life.


I love to teach. What would you like to know? Book Sales Pages. Maybe Write for 10 Days?


Repossible is my secret love. We’re just getting to know each other, but it’s going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Every Single Days

Days 'till Today



“When you have clarity, you no longer have to “make” decisions. They are just made.”  — B.C.

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There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours.