“ESD” is rather like LSD

But ESD is more powerful … and legal.

If you could take a pill and improve your life, would you do it? What if you didn’t need a pill?

“I know Bradley personally and have been wondering what has turned around his life and transformed him into an insatiable monster of joy over the past few years. Now I know the secret.” Laura Mighthavesaidthis

“This book could have been a single line long: Every Single Day. But of course then we wouldn’t do it. The stories he collected from all walks of life to tell about their transformations did it for me. I was a believer, but now I’m a convert and taking my ESD every single day.”

Yu So Fake

On the bookshelf

of the mind

Can you keep

a secret?


Every Single Day

“Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” Only choose the life you want to live.


The Key to Markree Castle

The boys survived a day. Will they make it through the second?


The Secret of Kite Hill

I read a bad children’s book together with my 8-year old. “We can do better than that,” I said. Then we did.


The Gift of Markree Castle

Could a three-day weekend change your life forever?


The Secret of Markree Castle

4 boys, 3 days, 1 castle. You do the math. Adventure at its most compelling–youth.



Two writers decide to co-write a romance for NaNoWriMo. In Paris. In a month. But they don’t know each other. Yet.

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I would never have gone this far if 1 year ago you had ‘t been so dam enthusiastic, pushy, high energy, positive and supportive. I would have just printed some stapled little copies out and given them away.

Diana C.


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