By bradley charbonneau

What will your daughter remember from right now?


10 years from now. Your daughter has her own life, her own world. You’re still a part of it, sure. A friend asks her at a dinner party about what she remembers from her youth. What if this one thing is what she talked about? 

That time you wrote that book together.

“I’m creating and bonding more deeply with my kids, thanks!”

Richard Robinson

Tech Entrepreneur


I get to the be the “fun mom” for a change.

– Lasairiona M.


If I can engage with my daughter then SPARK is a success. 

– Arlene P.


This is exactly the SPARK I needed to get started. I’m excited! 

– Lizz M.

"Embers" (from the audiobook)

by Bradley Charbonneau | Spark

Author, Speaker, teacher

Bradley Charbonneau

“If you tell me how to do what you did, like you do a workshop or something, I’ll pay you whatever you want.” 

Some guy at a dinner party said that to me many years ago after I told him that I had just written a short book with my kids. It didn’t really sink in. 

Until now.

It wasn’t so much the actual book that he was interested in, but the process, the experience, the memory we built while co-creating something from nothing. Together. 

In case you missed in, my sons and I wrote a short book together.

I agree, the book is just a byproduct, a side effect. 

The real “thing” we did? We created something from nothing and we did it together.

Now we have that thing and no one can take it away from us because it is embedded in our memories, our present day, and in our hearts.

Welcome to Spark.


Now available as an audiobook!

The 11-second video that sparked all of this uproar.

After we wrote “The Secret of Kite Hill” together, we recorded the audiobook. Together. 

I have my son’s sweet, 10-year-old voice forever. So will he.

Spark Campfire

1 month, 1 book, 1 parent, 1 co-creator

Sure, you could go write a book together with your daughter or son. You could also go to the gym regularly. 

Spark Campfire is Spark brought to life. 

A handful of families working together to create something that wasn’t there a month before. Together with their kids. 

Just like that. 

Join us. See here for the next time seats by the campfire are available. 



Yep, we’re going to write. But we’re not talking quantity–or even quality. It’s the process, the experience, the experiment we’re after here. Whew, relief, right? 🙂 


How will we measure success? When is Spark done “right”? You have a book in your hand and an adventure to share.


Of course we could all do this alone. But what fun is that? “Hey, what are you working on?” “Ooh, I have an idea for you!” Like at a campfire. Sound like fun?


Let’s see, you could give her a scarf. Or a book. How about a book you wrote together with her? There’s got to be a holiday or a birthday around here somewhere…


If it’s not fun, we’re not done. Ooh, I just made that up. Seriously, I don’t take myself seriously–neither should we. At least not during Spark Campfire.

Bucket List

Several parents have confided in me that this is their secret dream to write a book. Awesome! Let’s check that one off the list. Then move on to skydiving. (Not me!)

But wait…there’s more.


You know that thing you’re scared to do? No, not THAT thing. The other thing. The one you never tell anyone about. 


You know those things you do now that you wonder how you ever did without and your only regret is not starting sooner? That’s this. 

Secret Bus to Paradise

Paradise is not a place. But I know how to get there. You do, too. You just forgot. All aboard!

Every Single Day

How often do you “need” to do what it is you “need” to do to create the life you want to live? Would every other Thursday work for you? See what I mean? 

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