By bradley charbonneau

Paradise is not a place

But we’ve all been there.

There’s no map.

But we know how to get there.

It’s not in a guidebook.

Although we’re pretty sure we remember it there. 

The bus is boarding.

Are you coming?


“I came across your story The Secret Bus to Paradise. I have printed it out, it’s been on my wall for years and I regularly read it and give it to my clients.”

Serena Thomas



I’ve always embellished my travel to make it sound better for my friends. I no longer have to.

– Sum Won


Seriously? Highway 5? I’ve done that route many times, but never on the bus. You, my good man Charbonneau, are a renegade. 

– Naught Yu


Mr. Charbonneau has a knack for turning what could have been some long, drawn-out saga about paradise into 12 minutes of audiobook bliss. 

– Sue sweet

How Easy it is to Play

by Bradley Charbonneau | Secret Bus to Paradise

Best-Selling Author

Bradley Charbonneau

I have another book called “Dare.” As in, “I dare you to publish a 23-page short story you wrote 14 years ago.” 

There. I did it. 

I didn’t used to be so daring. At least, not in public. 

Once I came “out of the writer’s closet,” many things in my life changed. Maybe most things. It’s not that I’m such a different person (I still swoon for olive-skin women who tell short stories with their smile), but I’m more open about it, honest about who I am, truthful with myself. 

Hop on board the Secret Bus to Paradise and travel with me to where you were meant to go.

But wait…there’s more.


You know that thing you’re scared to do? No, not THAT thing. The other thing. The one you never tell anyone about. 


You know those things you do now that you wonder how you ever did without and your only regret is not starting sooner? That’s this. 


I hint that it’s for the kids, but there’s a secret side effect of this book: your own spark. Sure, pretend it’s for the kids (I did), but know it’s really for you.

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