I’m researching for my upcoming book “Ask.” I have Adwynna MacKenzie on the line and she’s saying we learn to no longer ask. We “grow up” and we’re supposed to know–or at least we think we’re supposed to know.

Yet, the power of asking is the power beyond knowledge. Sure, you’ll probably get an answer, but the act of asking, in my humble opinion, leapfrogs you beyond just knowing.

It’s learning, it’s sinking in, it’s admitting you don’t know, asking to know, knowing, and now it’s more than knowing.

Adwynna says it better than I’m trying to summarize here. Listen to our conversation and ask me a question you’re (usually) afraid to ask in the comments.

Some Snippets

All of our upbringing is created to teach us to be independent.

You bring in a bunch of independent people … group dynamics … disbands … independent people have a difficult time learning how to be interdependent.

No one wants to admit that they don’t understand what they just got taught. They go into hiding, they don’t reach out for help because they think everyone else knows.

Oh wow, it just didn’t land for me.

I didn’t understand what she meant when she said …

The earlier you reach out for help, the faster your completed project will happen.

Let me see if I understand what you just said.

Intro music by Charlie Lewis, “Never Going Home.”