Spark Campfire Books Published

A smattering of Spark alumni’s co-created works of art.



You’re a 17-year-old girl and your biggest challenges in life are which shoes to wear? Right? Nope. Madeline Dines tells it like it is. Like it really is. 

Lewis, Luke, and the Angry Sunflower

It seems so unlikely, doesn’t it? Aren’t sunflowers friendly? Not this one. Lewis and Luke are just getting started on changing this sunflower–and the world.

How to Make (and Keep) Friends for Teenage Boys

Sure, you have friends. We all have friends, right? But what if we don’t? What if we’re a teenage boy and would like to have more friends? Or better friends? Or just a friend? Here’s how.


Wait. What are you doing?

Together with another person, you (two) are going to write a (short) book together in a month.

– spark campfire counselor


We could watch another episode of Netflix together.

Or we could create something together. 

It’s up to you.



5 Video Calls

Of You

Short Book


“I get to be the fun mom.”

– L.M.

I’m Bradley

Author, Dad, Creator

I've written 7 books with my kids

At first, I thought, “Oh, that’d be kinda fun.” 

Later, it dawned on me what we had done.

We created a better relationship by making something together. 

I could make it sound more complicated but it’s really that simple.

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