It’s finally on the shelves!

Left Coast Writers and the Monticello Inn threw a book launch party for the Urban Guide to San Francisco! Click here for photos of the event.

Check out more of photographer Rebecca Dadson’s work here.

A reviewer from Amazon had this to say, “With most guides, I pick the thing up after I’ve decided what to do: I use it to see if the restaurant I’m considering is any good, or what the hours are, or whatever. Bradley Charbonneau’s Urban Travel Guide is something else again. Seems to me, Charbonneau has gone out and found about 200 interesting/fun/weirdly rewarding things to do in San Francisco that you don’t usually hear about. Each place he reviews is on its own page, so each page corresponds to a different activity. Last weekend, I was bored, I said to my wife, pick a number, she picked 96, I opened the book, it turned out to be a place called the Linc Gallery, so we went and saw an art show. Never would have thought of it otherwise. Next time I have a vistor from out of town, and I have to leave them on their own, I’m going to give them a copy of this book.”

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amazon.jpgA great gift for Christmas / Birthday / July 4th / Hannukah / Easter! Someone visiting San Francisco? Never been? Never will? Let them read about what they’ll be missing!

“Finally! A guidebook even a local could use!” was the comment I heard most while doing this guidebook. Whether you were born here or have never been here, I hope you’ll feel right at home in San Francisco with this guide.

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mo’ media publishers (The Netherlands)
April 2004

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