Overnight success! Easy: spend 58 weeks, then overnight.

Actually, add the two-or-more years I’ve been “saying” that I want to start a podcast. Then it’s about three years.

But that’s now in the past. Now is today and I have a podcast.

In typical fashion for me, I had a spurt of inspiration (brought on by aforementioned perspiration and motivation) and spent a single afternoon and:

  1. Learned,
  2. Applied,
  3. Recorded.
  4. Re-recorded.
  5. Mixed,
  6. Faded in,
  7. Faded out,
  8. Figured out Garage Band,
  9. Signed up for LibSyn and Blubrry,
  10. Kinda got EQ3 (at least I think I did it right),
  11. Submitted to Apple iTunes.
  12. Celebrated.

The next morning, there it was: The Repossible Podcast on iTunes.

Wow. So yeah, wow. Finally. Long time in the works then an afternoon of work.

But “work” is a term, if you have read “Every Single Day” is a term I use sparingly. In fact, the usage here isn’t the typical understanding. For this was no work in the traditional sense. This was pure fun and enjoyment and learning and giddy excitement for what’s to come.

If I thought that writing, you know, words on pages, was my thing, I feel safe to say that audio is at least in the same ballpark. Wow, that was fun.

So, I’m ready to get rolling on it. Now I just need some content. I’m looking for people to interview. It’s simple, I want people who “have made a choice they didn’t think was possible.”

For example, at some point in the past, I didn’t think it was possible to create a podcast for Repossible. Now I did it. That’s Repossible. What’s your Repossible story?

Repossible Podcast

Repossible Podcast