Whew, what a relief! Let’s get this done on a reasonable schedule!

Every Single Week

Every Single Week

Every Single Day got you down? Here’s your special medicine: Every Single Week.

“Finally author Bradley Charbonneau comes to his senses and realizes that Every Single Day is just too much! Every Single Week is much more like it. THIS I can handle!” — Someone Maybe Overheard

As the author of the best-selling personal development book “Every Single Day,” I openly admit it: the words Every Single Day can sound daunting.

Every Single Week sounds like a leisurely holiday on a beach compared to the brutal, gulag-like scene of Every Single Day! Just once a week? It’s a party! A celebration! A respite from the drudgery of the daily slog!

Slow down, partner.

Here’s a real-world example. I’ve been doing a weekly post and recording it as I practice speaking, recording, interviewing, and audio file editing for my upcoming podcast repossible (launching March 20, 2018).

Every Thursday (did you catch that? Not every day, but once a week. Just saying.), I publish this post on this site under Thunder and I record something for audio. Either the post or something separate.

How’s that working out? That weekly thing?

Compared to Every Single Day? It’s refreshing. It’s something “special.” I also don’t forget it (not that I forget ESD, but hey, that’s just who I am) and I look forward to it as something different for that day, something different than the day before and the day after.

Also, I don’t do it on other days of the week. Crazy, I know.

I frankly don’t want to record audio every day of the week. It’s lots of work (recording, re-recording, editing, etc.).

What types of things might be better Every Single Week than Every Single Day?

I think that’s the point: it’s a different animal.

For me, ESD is who I am. ESW is what I do.

I’m an author, I write ESD. But I could say that I only post ESW. Maybe I have a round-up post that’s ESW. Seth Godin writes and publishes ESD. He writes and publishes very short pieces. I’d bet he does something every week. Maybe a cumulation of something he does every day.

Part of my point with this post is to ponder the question: is Every Single Week more than this post? Is there a book in there? Yes, I ask that question for many topics that pass over my desk. But is there? Is ESW worth exploring more?

I could imagine questions from readers such as:

  • What types of tasks or habits are best for Every Single Day?
  • What types of things are best done Every Single Week?
  • What about Every Single Month?

Yes, I think in terms of publishing. At this moment, maybe ESW and Every Single Month are freebie ebooks or giveaways or part of a sign-up process or something. But there’s something there.

Believe me, there’s an allure to every Thursday that Every Single Day doesn’t have and I think it’s worth exploring.

Do you?

Every Single Week

Every Single Week