Sure, you know how to write. Awesome. But how much more do you know? Willing to know? Really going to learn?

You can learn it yourself, farm it out, or just hire a company to do it all. It’s up to you, your wallet, and your schedule.

My sights are set higher than just words on a page. Audio is a big part of my future. I also happen to just love, love, love audio. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts constantly. If I don’t have earbuds in my ears, I must be communicating with another human (yikes!).

But that’s a listener, a consumer of audio. I want to produce more audio.

Writing? Got that down. Tools? WordPress. StoryShop. Google Docs. etc.

Audio? Hmm. Voice Recorder on my phone. I also have Voice Record Pro on my phone, which I really like.

But that’s all with my small earbuds and Bluetooth mics and headsets. What about recording for the Every Single Day podcast? Recording chapters of the Every Single Day audiobook?

I have a decent microphone in the Samson Meteor Mic and a pop filter sitting on top of a shoebox so it’s roughly at the right height. But what do I still need?

Recording software.

A quick bit of research brings up the two main players:

  1. Audacity
  2. Adobe Audition

Want the down and dirty? Audacity is $0 and Audition is $20 per month. As in, forever.

Decision done: I’m not pro enough to need to spend $20/month for Audition so Audacity it is. The reviews basically say that Audition is easier to use and is more powerful but that Audacity can do pretty much any non-pro might need. Enough said.

Ready to Learn?

Enter Pranav Guntunur and his free Udemy course Learn Audacity for Free.

So far, I can select a track, trim it and then delete it. Hey, more than I knew how to do an hour ago.

Audio is big in my future. What’s big in yours?

Oh, and what are you willing to learn to get you from here to there?