Is it a million? Maybe just 342,296. Probably only 62,928. Right?

I think the number is a little lower.

Let’s dial it back to the definition of success. What does success mean for you?

I defined it for this book as “One Chapter helping One Person with One Aspect” of their life.

The number of people that the book needs to resonate with to be a success? I think it’s quite a bit lower than 62,928. I think the number is one.

One single person.

Because if it resonates with one person then it can resonate with more than one. If it resonates with one it can then connect with 62,928 and then 342,296 and quickly get to 1,000,000.

But it starts with one. One Person, One Chapter, One Issue in his or her life. That’s it. That’s the goal.

The book launched the day before yesterday and one reader wrote:

“I am reading your book and it is SO PERFECT FOR ME RIGHT NOW.” (her caps)

What she wrote next made me shiver with delight. It made the hours, the days, the weeks, the months I put into this book worth it with one little sentence from her:

“I am only on page 23. Thank you for this gift.”

If my book came at a time when someone needed it, when they saw it as a gift to their lives after just 23 pages then my book is a success.

If you’d still rather that I reach 62,928 or 342,296 or even 1,000,000, stick around. We’ll get there.

Section 4 is called Perseverance. Section 5 is Patience. A bit of that and we’ll get those numbers. But the most important number has already been delivered to my soul: I helped One Person take a step towards her dream.