In response to the question, “Are we having fun yet?”

I realize, of course, that this question is usually posed sarcastically with the real meaning that no, we’re not having fun. Often it’s a picture of someone who’s dreading something or in the middle of something terrible or hopefully at least a little more playful but they’re joking how terrible it is.

Over the past few days, I:

  1. Cleaned out really old, expired food from a pantry. Enough to fill two garbage cans.
  2. Spent a good hour trying to fix a pilot light on a stove.
  3. Drove a total of 18 hours and covered 767 miles. 9 of those hours were in a U-Haul.
  4. Emptied a storage unit into a U-Haul.
  5. Emptied the U-Haul into the garage.

But squeezed in there, I also:

  1. Uploaded the print version of my book to Amazon.
  2. Emailed people who had bought the book and sent me a note.
  3. Researched, drafted, wrote, and rewrote an email to more than a thousand people to help promote my book.

The first 5 items might have caused people to cringe or whine or at least say, “Whew, that’s a lot of work!” But I didn’t notice. We were having so much fun with the second list of 3 items, it didn’t matter if I was cleaning out the gutter of debris. I was doing what I love doing, what I’ve been dreaming of being able to do so it didn’t matter what I was doing in the meantime.

Sure, I had to move stuff. We had to throw out old junk. I had to close out a storage unit, drive a U-Haul, pack, unpack, and drive forever. But it was all in good fun as we “worked on book marketing” almost the entire time.

Are we having fun yet?

Yes, we are.

Are you?