It’s June 1 and here’s a quick wrap-up of May 2017.

I have no idea what happened.

That’s my gut reaction.

May seems to have gone into a vacuum of time, space, and dimension. I’m sure if I think about it, or at least keep on trying to figure it out by writing about it here, I’ll remember something, but this is why I wanted to do a monthly wrap up: so I could see what I got done. Or, ahem, didn’t.

My friend’s house had a plaque next to the garage. Completely official in bronze and fancy lettertype. “On this location in 1827, nothing happened.”

Frankly, it’s a little odd as I feel like I’ve made such progress, but I think it’s a higher level. To put it bluntly, I have seen my future in writing fiction. It’s a way to get across my message through story in ways that can be much more imaginative, fun for the reader and, hold onto your hats: fun for me.

I just get such a high from writing fiction. It’s very much like meditation or dreaming. It’s another world that I get to be a part of.

But back to progress and reports and the like. How am I progressing for those of you who want to know more practical elements of the path such as: income, upticks in traffic or social media likes.

I have no idea.

Is that wrong? Well, not if this is a hobby. If this is just for fun and I’m having fun (I am) and don’t care about doing things like, you know, paying bills with royalties from books. But somehow I manage to float above it all on the meta level and work more on the bigger picture. Stop, stop, I can hear you already:

“Uh, excuse me, meta level dude, but you need to pay the rent.”

I get it. I actually just landed a large naming project that will keep me going for a few months. It’s creative work and we have a great client. Also, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I still have a trickle of marketing clients, but they are fading like a dreamy sunset over a lake. Bye bye! See you tomorrow! Oh, but no, actually, I won’t.

I suppose I could go dig through stuff and find some things I’ve worked on and make a report of some kind. But I’m not going to. I’m actually going to stay up here (meta level dude) and use this as a reminder to have some more concrete transactions for June. It’s June 1, after all, a good time to get started on that month.

Here’s where I need work: the foundation. I need to set up Bradley Charbonneau the Author as a “business.” Work on this site, get my books here and even more important, my upcoming books. Get busy with a smarter and centralized mailing list and get that fiction work of mine into the hands of hungry readers who will enjoy it.

P.S. Twice, I just left this browser tab to go and see what I’ve posted, maybe look through what I might have done this past month, but I stopped myself. It’s a good sign to me that I need more concrete goals and then I need to get them done.