I couldn’t help it. I had to record the audiobook.

Ach, all that reading? What, 192 pages? Overrated. Get the dog, head outside, put in your earbuds, and let me take you from Day Zero to Day One. It’s quite a journey, but don’t worry, I know where to go. Ready?

I spent 20+ years on this book. Then the last year writing it. It’s one of those “blood, sweat, and tears” books that pulls together the wisdom of many failures and finally success.

My goal is to save you from some of the many, many failures and get to the successes faster.

The book is available on Amazon, but I’ve decided to release the audiobook version as a podcast because I’m such an avid podcast listener and I want to give back to the community.

Also, I’ve received such fabulous feedback from the book that I just want it to land in the hands–or ears–of more and more people in hopes that my journey might help theirs.

I hope you enjoy “Every Single Day.” I’ll post a new chapter every week.

Here we go. Ready?