Here’s a little secret: not feeling proud of what you do? How about you help someone else do something and you can be proud of them.

Oddly, you become even more proud yourself.

In this week’s episode, I offer you the foreword to Taylor Dines’ upcoming book, “Escaping the Light.”

I am so proud of her. I’m proud of us we’re almost there. We’re almost done. But as a writer, long-distance runner, or “successful” person knows, that first step is the hardest.

We’ve taken the first step and part of it is in this episode.

Taylor Dines is writing about how a 10-minute nap (with the aid of an eye mask) can boost your productivity, rejuvenate your energy, and is better than a 3-hour snooze. If you take her advice and start today, you could improve your health, deepen your sleep, and, who knows, live longer.

— excerpt from “Escaping the Light”
Escaping the Light
Escaping the Light