I kicked off my fast with a nasty (but short-lived) stomach flu (PRO TIP: use “negative” events to leapfrog into action) and rounded it off with a meditation retreat that “suggested” (PRO TIP: use any group event to share the courage and confidence to get it done) and lost 5 kilos in 5 weeks.

If you’ve been following this playlist, you’ll know that weight loss is just a nice side effect (side benefit) of what I’m really after with the trifecta of:

1.) Intermittent Fasting

2.) Meditating

3.) Creating

Because those three things, undertaken each and every Thursday, from 4 PM to 9 AM, will get you closer to:

1.) Clarity

2.) Courage

3.) Confidence

Kinda simple formula, right?

How are your Fast Fridays going?

[ https://youtu.be/WWWSWEZdEqo ]