re228: I'm in Pompei. How are you going to preserve what you create?

Greetings from Pompei, Italy,

Wow, I’ve seen ruins and usually they’re … you know … ruined. 

But a nearby volcano erupted and the ash, some 8 meters deep of it, covered this small town and then preserved it to the extent that they even found “cavities” where bodies had died. 

It’s preserved like few other places on earth. It’s fascinating. 

I ?create a lot of stuff. I live to create. “I am what I create.” ?I have a book called CREATE (? It’s kinda my thing. 

Not that I ?need to have my work be around 2,000 years from now but then again … why not? 

Here’s the thing, though: ?if you don’t create it now, it won’t be here today and it won’t be here tomorrow. 

Think about the people of Pompei. They didn’t know, 2,000 years ago, in 79 AD, that 2,000 years later people would be fascinated by the remains of their town. 

Who knew? ?They didn’t. 

Who knows if your work, your creation will be around in 2,000 years? ?Or 2 years? Or 20? Or 200? 

Who’s going to care? ?We can’t know that. 

But we do know one thing: ?if you don’t create it now, it won’t be preserved anywhere or in any time because … it never existed. 

Just saying.

I create a video (and audio) every single week. What are you creating and how often? ?Who do you create it for? Just yourself!? Yay YOU! 

Now, I ?gotta find me some focaccia. That’s not going to be around forever either … 

Greetings from Pompei! 


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