re227: What Are You Going to Do at the Destination?

Greetings from Pepper’s Paradise,

OK, sure, Pepper’s dreamland existence might be a stretch, “Stop with the joy! Stop with the happiness! It’s too much!” 

What will you do when you reach the destination: 

  • When you make all the money?
  • When you get all the fame?
  • When you arrive/achieve/finally get _________ ?

Will then (and only then) be when you finally allow yourself to be: 

  • Happy
  • Thankful
  • The person you had hoped to be? 

What if you just had the tiniest smidgen of that dream scenario every single day? 

Then when you finally “arrive” at your destination, sure, it’s awesome and all, but you just … smile and wave, boys, smile and wave. 

So, now that we have that covered, what’s your daily dose of … (can I find a “d” word?) destination.

A Dose of Daily Destination.

That’s 7 doses until next Thursday.


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