re219: All Good Things Must Come To An End (OK, Not All ... )

Some things really should come to an end–even the good things.

Thursday Thunder | S3E21

Happy Thursday!

Would you ever join the program titled: 

Lose one pound every month for the rest of your life!

Or maybe: 

Meet every week to work on Project X forever.

If you ever set up a recurring meeting in your calendar app, how do you choose when to make it end? It has to end, right? 

Sure, except for: 

  • Birthdays 
  • Brushing teeth
  • Eating Indian food

But other than those, we usually will fare better if there’s an end in sight, a finish line, a goal, a deadline. 

Basketball season is over and I’m so ready for it to be done. If it were truly year round I would have stopped long ago. 

But when I know there’s a start and an end? We can endure anything for an amount of time.

Enjoy the weekend. It’ll be over on Sunday. 


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