re193: Thursday Thunder | S2E50 | DIY, DWY, and/or DFY. Which one(s), when, and why?

Greetings from Driebergen,

Three options to do stuff: ?

  1. ??DIY: Do It Yourself
  2. DWY: ?Done With You
  3. DFY: ?Done For You

??DIY: Do It Yourself

?It’s all you. In fact, it’s just you. But brushing your teeth, reading a book, it’s all good all alone. 

?Want to do that course self-paced? You go. 

Looking for a bit of help? ?It might be time for some … 

DWY: ?Done With You

?Teams, collaborations, and together. Coaching, group events, and even retreats (which can also be DIY, of course). Accountability, partnerships, sharing and even, gasp, maybe compromising. 

?Bonus Points: ?1 + 1 > 2

?DFY: ?Done For You

?I ?used to do my own taxes (DIY). I ?used to think it was fun. Then it was not fun. Then it became DFY and oh boy oh boy was that the best decision ever. 

??What’s DIY for you? ?When do you choose DWY? ?And DFY? ?

?I ?challenged you to do 9. Here are 9 for me, grouped by topic. 

?BONUS POINTS if you add frequency. 


  1. ??DIY: daily practice, 15-45 minutes each morning.
  2. DWY: monthly co-healing meditation group. In person. 
  3. DFY: ?daily YouTube testimonials (watch). 


  1. ??DIY: ideas (see meditation), writing, recording (audio or video). Daily. 
  2. DWY: weekly calls with partners and mastermind groups
  3. DFY: ?hmm, I ?don’t have much here. Or I can’t think of much. Maybe some help I ?get with my assistant who helps me with marketing?

?Mindset, Well-Being, Learning

  1. ??DIY:? daily inspirational videos (YouTube, usually testimonials)
  2. DWY:? interviews (my own and/or other podcasts, summits)
  3. DFY: ?buying pre-made courses from others

Whew, that was tougher than I ?thought. How’d you do?

How about how often to do which? ?That sounds like Frequency. That’s coming in 2022. 


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