re190: Thursday Thunder | S2E47 | A Book Per Year (for the You of the Year)

Greetings from the wet and cold forests in Driebergen,

?The book (or art or project or program or ________ ?) you create this year is only possible this year. 

?Even if you remember, you take notes, and you try your hardest to make your opinions, experiences, and “who you are” ?just like this year but you don’t do it until next year, it’s just not you. 

?Each book you do is then a part of you. Even if you tear it up, toss it in to the garbage, or sell tons of copies, it’s a part of you.

?Your next book next year will be the You of Next Year. 

?It’s embedded in you.

?Well, that is, if you do it.

?This year. 

?It’s November 25. Just saying. 

See you next week.


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