re188: Your (Big?) Ideas Are Safe In Your Head But What If ... You Share Your Ideas With Others?

Greetings from Zeist,

First of all, I know it’s Friday morning. Sometimes I record TT in the afternoon and then I get home and there are kids and dinner and basketball practice and it takes time to export it from my phone, edit the video, upload it to YouTube and … you get the idea. 

But I’m persistent: I’m not going to change it to Friday Frolic. Thursday Thunder … but sometimes on a Friday morning. 

?Now, where was I? Oh yes, on my bike. 

?Because I ?just met with a friend. 

?In person. 

?We exchanged ideas. Asked each other questions. Pushed back. Doubted, wondered, suggested. 

?That’s hard to do alone.

?So get out of the house and meet up with someone (if you’re able and allowed … ) and dare to share your ideas, to let them out of your head, and I ?can (almost) promise you, you will be stronger for it, your ideas will be more mature, and you will have a more concrete plan for the near future. 

?Or at least you’ll have a nice trip home. 

?Enjoy the woodsy scenery of Zeist and Driebergen, The Netherlands. 

?’till next THURSDAY.


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