re185: Thursday Thunder | S2E42 | Confidence. What if we just added a bit of that to the recipe?

Greetings from Florence, Italy,

A friend gave me a list of words last week and he wanted me to choose just one that most represented my business. I ?can’t remember them all and some were sure tempting (creativity, productivity, trust) ?but one of them stood out at the top: ?


?I ?figured if I ?just had a little more of that one I ?could achieve the other ones–or at least it would help me get closer. 

?The word next to confidence was Power. If you have confidence, you have (or get) power. 

?Could it be so simple. 

?I’ll walk you through a bit of Florence this morning and tell you how 100 grams of flour and 1 egg might lead to a breakthrough in yourself and/or your business. 



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