re183: Thursday Thunder | S2E40 | Intermittent Fasting: Lost 5 Kilos in 5 Weeks (+ Better Sleep & More Energy)

Greetings from Driebergen,

We’ve been back from the States for about 5 weeks. I’ve now lost about 5 kilos. 

  • ??8/30 — 85.7
  • 9/3 — 84.0
  • 9/10 — 83.1
  • 9/17 — 82.0
  • 9/24 — 82.1
  • 10/1 — 81.6
  • 10/5 — 80.8

It’s Friday morning as I ?type (and record) ?this. I ?weigh myself weekly on Friday morning. 

Guess which evenings the intermittent fasting goes more easily? ?

Yep: ?

  • ???Tuesday
  • Wednesday and especially:
  • Thursday

?I ?have a weekly deadline: Friday morning on the scale. 

?As yummy as Thursday night’s dinner is, I’m not going to eat it. I usually eat it on Friday for lunch. 

?Speaking of tips, here are a few: ?

  1. ?Keep busy: ?Wednesday evenings are easier to skip because I ?have basketball practice from 6 to 7:15 and don’t get home until 8 PM–when dinner is usually over. PRO TIP: ?if I’m really hungry and/or just feel like eating, I often will just go to sleep because it’s hard to eat when you’re not awake. 
  2. Compare: ?weigh the difference (OK pun intended!) between: ?
    1. How yummy was dinner?
    2. How awesome do I ?feel in the morning when I ?skipped dinner?
  3. Test: ?I ?know, #2 can be hard to do if you haven’t yet experienced that powerful feeling of waking up feeling great. ??I’m going to make a #4 here as a “cheat” ?code.
  4. Go to sleep: ?you can’t eat if you’re asleep. I sleep better, faster, deeper, and there’s more healing energy available because my body isn’t digesting dinner. I ?need less sleep and the sleep I ?have is better. I ?wake up refreshed and, surprisingly, not hungry. 
  5. Water: ?if I ?do wake up hungry, drink as much water as you can and then drink that amount again. Yep, twice what you think you should. 

?Why do I ?do this? ?How can I be so antisocial and skip dinners with my family? ?

?Here are a few benefits to intermittent fasting: ?

  1. ??Energy: ?I feel alive, my energy level is more constant (and constantly higher), and I ?don’t have the afternoon dips as much. 
  2. Confidence: ?I ?know, this might seem weird or difficult unrelated or even impossible, but it all affects my confidence, self-esteem, and internal power. Crazy, I ?know. 
  3. Sleep: ?I ?sleep less yet feel more energized when I ?wake up. You’d think this doesn’t make mathematical sense (and it doesn’t) but basically, your body doesn’t need to spend so much energy at night digesting your dinner. 
  4. Alive/Awake: ?I don’t know how to explain this one. I ?just “feel better.” ?
  5. Creativity: ?I have more ideas and more good ideas. See #2 about confidence and I ?think these ideas could be something I ?could do. 

?I ?could keep going with benefits but I’ll save them for another time. 

?I ?got things to do today. 

?Make it a thunderous Thursday. 


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