re180: Rock Your Writing

Greetings from the exotic islands in the north of The Netherlands,

?Well, at least that’s where David Chislett is.

?In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to focusing more and more on Ambassadors. I’m planning on making it the focus of my monthly newsletter (The 17th).

?You may remember last week I ?had top quality video and audio thanks to the team at BFF Visuals. They produced David’s entire online course. 

?Without BFF, David could have produced a course but it would have been of lesser quality. 

?Without me last week, he could have told his story, but not in interview format.

?We need each other, we work better when we work together. 

?But that’s all news for tomorrow. 

?Today, I ?want to talk about the actual content of David’s course: ?Rock Your Writing

?Well, actually better than me just telling you about it, let’s let David tell us about it. 

?Below is our 16-minute chat about his writing course that’s not a grammar course, not a book-writing course, but a course that is going to help you get across what you want to actually say more efficiently and effectively. 

?Thanks for watching this week and let me know what you think of his course! 


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