re179: Say Yes to the Unknown

Greetings an audio visual studio in Amsterdam,

Wait! Where’s Pepper!?

I know. So crazy.

I said yes to something and one thing lead to another. Here’s the mathematical formula: 

  1. Know the outcome of when you say no
  2. Don’t know the outcome of when you say yes
  3. Say yes
  4. Be open to what happens
  5. Explore
  6. Adventure
  7. Play

If you say yes to something unknown in the coming week, reply to this email or comment under this YouTube video and let me know about it. 

Until then, keep saying no until you say yes.

Keep your frequency high. 


P.S. The video we were recording that night was for this: Rock Your Writing.

P.P.S. BFF Visuals were AWESOME! Check out their work here.

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