re178: What's Your Frequency?

Greetings from the woods of Driebergen,

I’m going to keep this introduction short. 

It’s about frequency. I see it in two forms: 

  1. Calendar: daily, weekly, monthly? How often should we do things, what are the things we should do, and with how much intensity should we do them?
  2. Radio: the radio waves are out there and always transmitting. All you need to do is tune into your frequency to connect. And by “radio” it could mean tuning into your true self, your future, or … who knows. 

The “Calendar” is your roadmap, your blueprint, your guide. The “Radio” is your speed, your connection, your tune. 

A quick personal example from a creator’s (writer’s) perspective: 

  1. Daily: writing, meditating, brushing teeth
  2. Weekly: podcasting, video recording
  3. Monthly: newsletter, speaking (on stage)
  4. Annually: conference, evaluate

I often write books that I need to read myself. Where does the content come from? From conversations, books, listening. 


With whom?

With you.

I’m putting out the call to connect (get the “frequency” theme going on here?). If you have experience with a daily habit that’s working or a weekly ritual or anything else on whatever topic (health, wealth, work, personal, etc.) you’d like to pitch to me for a less-than-30-minute chat, let’s do it.

Head to, fill in your email, and let’s set up a time. 

Keep it at a high frequency this week and let’s talk soon. 


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