re165: Speak Up! A 4-Week, Hands-On, Collaborative, Group Coaching "Get Booked for a Speaking Gig" Program with Nicoline Huizinga

Greetings from Driebergen,

So you’ve got your book done; GREAT! 

And now you may wonder what’s next. 

Here’s a suggestion for you: get invited as a guest speaker on other people’s podcasts, memberships or (online) events and talk about your book!

By doing so, people will start downloading the book and will come into your world, you will build your audience and create a bigger reach with every guest speaking gig you do.

Guest speaking gets your know-like-trust factor covered instantly and it will bring in new clients. Perhaps not on the spot (even though that may happen too), but it will make it a lot easier for you to reach more people. 

Your book can serve as an amazing catalyst to get invited!

My friend Nicoline Huizinga is starting a 4-week program called ‘Speak Up!’ on Monday 7 June and now that your book is done (or almost done), it’s time for a next step!

In her program, Nicoline will cover the following:

  • Turning your expertise into your signature topics
  • Creating your speaker sheet so you can position yourself as a guest speaker
  • Getting you booked as a guest speaker on podcasts, groups or events
  • Maximizing each guest speaking gig with simple follow up steps

She will reveal her best resources to get guest speaking gigs, share her templates for speaker sheets, give you her blueprints for top notch pitches and logical follow up steps to bring – and keep –  the audience into your world.

You can check out the program by clicking this link: https://bradleyc– *

*This is my affiliate link

When you decide to sign up, don’t forget to use the coupon code WBE2021 so you will benefit from a 15% discount!

It’s time to get your book into the world and guest speaking is a wonderful way to go!

Have fun and enjoy!


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