re157: When you go to the future and look back, this is what you hope you have lots of.

Greetings from Driebergen,

Here’s a personal invitation to join me in “creating an experience” and do something crazy this year. 

Let’s kick off the end of Covid (it’s ending soon, right?) by going out of our comfort zone and writing a (super short) book.

People ask what we’re “creating” at Worst Book Ever? We’re not creating “authors” but we’re creating experiences. 

This is me inviting you to “experience” something different this year and let’s do it together, from May 1 to 11th, and have a bit of a blast. 

Go to to check it out. Use the coupon code: 


to save 25%.

Maybe we haven’t seen each other for a while. Let’s do this crazy thing together. 

Just saying.

It’s what I’ll be doing on May 1. I hope to see you inside!

Love and fireworks,


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