re147: From "How to Write Your Worst Book Ever" : Pete "Procrastination" Pardonheim

Alumni from the “How to Write Your Worst Book Ever” 7-Day Challenge
Pete “Procrastination” Pardonheim
It’s Thursday. It’s raining. It’s January. It must be Holland.

What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

This week, I’m visited by 6 “ghosts of the haunted house of writers.” Individuals who had good reasons for not writing their first book until, well, they did it.

Scroll below for more and I’m working on more (each is under 4 minutes).

This is all leading up to the “Write Your Worst Book Ever” 7-Day Challenge from March 1-8, 2021.
Make it a great Thursday, everyone!


P.S. The “Every Single Day” Summit is in full swing! You can still see 4 more speakers in the coming 4 days and watch the last 13 speakers for another week. It’s all here: ESD Summit.

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