re145: How to ______ Your Worst _______ Ever

Yes, but this:

  • It’s better than the one I didn’t do at all
  • It’s certainly more timely than the one I postponed (and never materialized)
  • It’s better than the one I was thinking of doing (but never actually did)

Yet, it’s also:

  • Not as good as my next one (but the 2nd one wouldn’t exist without the 1st one)
  • Pretty much guaranteed to not REMAIN the worst summit I’ve ever done (as I do more and more of them)
  • Breaking down the barrier to fear that I, apparently, have had for 6 months

It’s Thursday. There’s Thunder. The lightning hit 9 months ago when I wanted to do a summit.

9 months later, the thunder rumbles me into action.

Who said that … “Lightning is overrated. Thunder is where the energy is.”

Have a great week.

Oh yeah, I have a summit starting Sunday: The Every Single Day Summit:

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