re143: Accept the Unexpected Gifts

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With a special guest appearance on the show: FEAR.

I was all set to talk about how this is the 53rd Thursday of the year and how unexpected that was (seeing that I thought there were always only 52 weeks in a year). Rather than doing the math or consulting a calendar-ologist, I chalked it up to “Accepting an Unexpected Gift.”

Yep, 2020 was terrible in so many ways, but there must be some diamonds in the rough. What are yours? The first one that comes to mind for me is the Repossible Retreat in Bali 2022.

However… As I was prepping my recording studio (AKA “The Woods”), several fireworks exploded in the distance. It’s Dec. 31 and The Netherlands is going to explode tonight. Pepper is exponentially disproportionately scared of fireworks (and Thunder–but we won’t talk about that too much on the show called Thursday Thunder). Yet where are his fears based? What reality is there in the loud booms? 1.) Are they traumas from his past? 2.) Is it inherent in dogs to be scared of loud, rumbling explosions? (To the point of trembling and panting?) 3.) Is it the fear of the unknown? So I’ll head home, turn on some music (with some bass!) and he can hide out snuggled at our feet or under the stairs. But what about us humans? I’m going to bulldoze over #1 and #2 above and get right to the one I think we have the best chance of overcoming: #3: the fear of the unknown. What do you fear in 2021? Which fears are based on nothing? Which ones exist only in your head? Which of them could we crush underneath the soles of our feet on this fine Thursday, December 31, 2020, to never allow back into our conscious selves again? Could this be both “An Unexpected Gift” and “Fear” wrapped into one little 7-minute episode of Thursday Thunder? Might the gift be not allowing that fear past the gates we enter when we step foot into the new year? What’s your unfounded fear for 2021 we don’t let come with us into the new year? I’ll tell you mine below. Then, only if you like, only if you’d like to get it off your chest, to remove that weight from your shoulders, write yours in there. I won’t share it with anyone. But state it, write it down, make it “real” for a second and then let’s let it remain here in 2020.

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