You never know what’s going to happen IF you get started.

If you don’t get started with a First Thing, the chances of doing a Second Thing go down to, by definition, zero.

I have a new book and accompanying course coming out next Tuesday. But this morning I’m thinking about a book I’m planning on launching in December–now half a year away. I even have 2 or 3 books between now and then.

See what happened here?

Do you know how long it took between books zero and book one? Let me put it in non-mathematical terms: forever. What about the amount of effort, energy, worry, denial, procrastination, insert – your – favorite – reason – here.

Did you notice how long it took between book 1 and book 2? Or the difference between book 2 in book 3? How about book 3 book 4? Can you see the pattern even without a line graph? Because it’s going down. In fact, at one point it’s practically a negative number because I’m not even done with a book when I’m already working on the next one.

What does this mean? It means that I’m productive, it means that I’m no longer scared of creating and putting it out into the world. It means that I am a creator, that I am a writer that I am a powerful being from which energy exudes like static electricity and ideas shoot out of my imagination faster than I can capture them.

Compare that to the guy who hasn’t yet finished book number one.

One thing will lead to another, but you need to start the one thing.