ESD 14: Ch. 9: Procrastination: Introduction
Every Single Day

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Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy. — Wayne Gretsky

If you don’t water the plants until tomorrow, they’ll survive. 

If you don’t feed the dog until the weekend, he’ll probably live. He’ll even wag his tail and love you next week (if he survived the weekend of course). 

If you don’t take a stab at giving your dream a chance, if you keep putting it off until things are just right, until this project is completed and that task is taken care of … if you talk about your dream with friends as if you’re going to start any day now, but never do … if you go into long conversations with strangers on airplanes about your thoroughly researched plans for your dream future but you get off the plane and never speak of it … if you think that “someday” will come … if you wish and want and plead and pray, but take no action … if you keep it all bottled up inside and never let it out … if you think someone will come along one day and ask if you’re ready to begin day one of your dream … if you’re waiting … if you’re pretending … if you’re living the life you know is not the truest version of you … if you don’t take the first step, if you don’t give your dream a chance, at least a peek outside of its tightly-closed prison cell … if you don’t start.