Every Single Day
Every Single Day
ESD 102: Habits: Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Choose one, some, or all. Not none.

The dentist asked, “How often do you brush your teeth?”

What he’s really asking is, “How seriously do you take each small steps leading to your future?”

How’s that bucket list coming along? How about the “Big Dream Life” you fantasized about? Or still do? And still will?

Hey, I’m not knocking you. I spent a good decade (that’s TEN YEARS if you’re counting) “dreaming” of being an author before I took steps to become an author. Then I started writing Every Single Day.

Ask me how often I work towards keeping up the title “author” on the etched glass of my office?*

Nope, it’s not every other Tuesday.

It’s Every Single Day.

Daily too much?

Guess what: Thursday comes around every week?

I know, so cool.

The 17th of the month comes around each month, too.

So crazy.

What’s your schedule for creating your future personality?

[ https://youtu.be/HhuBm1AVd4c ]