Writing Playfully with Bradley Charbonneau [36mins]

Very happy to have Bradley Charbonneau on the show today!

Bradley is author of 31 books, is a writing coach and author of many programs for authors such as Write Your Worst Book Ever! I met Bradley at the Playful Creative Summit and liked his approach so much I joined in with his program!

It was lots of fun and I also wrote a new book, more on that another time.

Bradley tells us how his playful approach is perfect for anyone with writers block and takes the pressure out of being “perfect” to write with a more authentic voice.

Perfectionism leads us to procrastinate and takes years to not finish a book! If you’ll like to take the frustration out of writing and have more fun with it join us for this enlightening conversation.

Its very important… to have fun with it!

Your best work comes from a lighter place, when you are in the flow. When you are not afraid of failure… and that is the state of play.

– Find the Worst Book Ever 10 day course here:


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