With Neil Mach

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Which, if any, of your published works do you think was your worst book? Have you yet produced your worst book? You should listen to this inspirational conversation with personal development author & paranormal thriller writer Bradley Charbonneau if you want to overcome your writing-related fears and learn to laugh at your mistakes. The self-described ‘recovering perfectionist’ has learned how to unleash his own creativity and has produced 33 books as he maintained a 2,808-day creative streak (over 7 years of writing every day.) Do you feel like you’re being beaten in the game of failure simply because you’ve never dared address the true nature of success? For example, what does success look like to you? This interview is for you if you have no idea what any of this means or how it relates to your writing, but nevertheless you feel trapped in a creative rut and can’t come up with the right words to write! On Myth & Magic we talk about how to write your worst book ever and why it’s crucial to approach the idea of creation with a sense of inadequacy and incapacity. Failure will help you in the long term, and during this interview Bradley explains the hows and whys!

Neil Mach