I’m not even talking about you going for the Olympic gold. This is you in your living room watching the game on TV.

I’m part of a public speaking workshop where we improve our public speaking experience.

One of the exercises is called Table Topics. It’s an exercise in:

  1. Thinking on your feet,
  2. Trusting your gut,
  3. Going with it,
  4. Seeing what happens,
  5. Living with the results,
  6. Improving next time,
  7. Gaining experience on stage.

It’s good fun. You get a leading question and you have to fly with it. You can go anyway you want–which is both the good news and the bad news.

In addition to rehearsed speeches I have here on my Speaking page, I wanted to toss in this off-the-cuff, unrehearsed, uncut 1.5-minute talk.

The question was something like, “What was the most momentous sporting event of your life.”

This is what came to mind–and out of my mouth.