It gets implemented.

Sure, they heard you. They might have even listened.

They might remember it. Maybe they laughed. Cried. Jumped for joy.

But what’s truly the most rewarding feedback?

If what you get across in your talk sinks in so deep that they implement what you suggest.

You suggest they do XYZ and then they do XYZ. They’re not just talking about doing it, writing about doing, thinking about it, planning for it.

They do it.

You share your message.

They receive it.

They act on it.


Another aspect of Toastmasters is evaluation. We formally evaluate each speech with positive, helpful, and, ideally, actionable feedback.

Just like in order to become a better writer you need to read (in addition to write), in speaking, you need to listen, really hear it, and then be able to evaluate it.

Below I give my evaluation of a colleague’s talk.