get_lost-300x69.jpgAN EVENING WITH BAY AREA GUIDEBOOK WRITERS: Join us for a discussion on travel writing, a slide presentation, and an off-the-wall, unusual exploration of San Francisco with three authors who have very different takes on the city. Bradley Charbonneau, author of Urban Travel Guide: San Francisco, presents the ultimate urban day, including Karma Moffett?s Tibetan Bell Ceremony. Kristine Enea and Dean LaTourrette, authors of Time Off! The Unemployed Guide to San Francisco, tell you how to see the Bay Area with little money and lots of time. Jack Boulware, author of San Francisco Bizarro, examines the notorious sights and the downright freakiness of the City by the Bay.

7:00 pm

Get Lost Travel Bookstore
1825 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 (map)
San Francisco, CA