Relief can be achieved, reached, influenced.

It doesn’t only have to be something we receive or react to. It can be something we can proactively make happen. Through deciding, through making a decision, we can build it to the point where we feel relief because we made that decision.

In fact, that’s the trick, that’s the rub, that’s the big secret: we know we have made the right decision when we feel that relief. It’s a gut feeling, a feeling thing. It’s not science, but more of an art. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you’ll just know.

Once you get better at building small levels of relief, you’ll improve at sensing when you feel that relief, how much of it, the level of importance, and how to then take it even to the next level. When things really, really get interesting. 


Deliciousness to my soul.

– peggy christopherson

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Bradley Charbonneau

"He's a great author, but he's an even better motivator and has this weird knack of seeing into people's souls and figuring out how to draw out their greatness - it's a freakin' skill, man."

-- Lasairiona McMaster

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Deliciousness to my soul.

– peggy christopherson

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