By bradley charbonneau


Or don’t.

I got an email the other day where she was summing up what was going on in her life. She wrote, “Not much different here.”

In other words, there wasn’t much going on in her life. Maybe that’s OK. Maybe stability, peace, and consistency is a good thing. 

It’s just not for me. 

“Meaning” in life is not what I watch or consume, but what I make, dream up, and create. 

I tend to make bold statements about the books I write, but this one would be: Unlock your life.

As if there’s a key to your true self. Is there?


“I measure my life by what I create in the world that is new.”

Joanna Penn

Author, Speaker, Creator, The Creative Penn Podcast


I knew I had it in me! “Create”  forced me to cut into the thin skin of my true self and set free what was always so close to the surface.

– Sum Won


I don’t buy it. Are we really what we create? What about we consume? If so, I’m a combination Netflix + talk radio + ice cream. That’s OK, right? I mean, right? Hello?

– Naught Yu


Mr. Charbonneau has a way of digging deep into our soul and, almost painlessly, lifting out just the gem of action we needed to start living.

– Sue sweet

Best Selling Author

Bradley Charbonneau

I’m no car mechanic. I’m also not a plumber. Or a doctor.

But what goes in must come out. 

We fill up with gas, we open the faucet, we eat and drink. It needs to escape, to leave, to be set free. 

I know, I know. The plumbing (both metal pipes and the dietary kind) visuals might be a little much but that’s intentional. 

What about all that we consume? We watch movies, we read books, we listen to shows and people and we’re bombarded with constant in, consuming, filling up. 

Is there a drain? A porthole maybe? An emergency escape valve at least? 

I think it’s creating. Making, building, writing. Letting out what came in. Through our own filters, “recycled” so to speak through our system, and then let out into the world–through our own words or songs or paintings or I-don’t-care-how-you-let-it-out. 

But it’s got to come out. One way or the other. 

What if we chose to let it out? What if we created? 

That’s why I’m writing this book. 

Oh, by the way. If you see this part, yes, these words right here, then I’m not done yet and I’m looking for people who have something to say about “Create.” Have an opinion? An experience? A question? Let’s talk about it.

Some done. Some just ideas waiting to be … created. 


Before you act, before you create, before you begin your daily habit, we might want to ask what it is we’re doing, ask where we’re going and, if I want to get really crazy, ask who we want to become.


You know those things you do now that you wonder how you ever did without and your only regret is not starting sooner? That’s this. 


I hint that it’s for the kids, but there’s a secret side effect of this book: your own spark. Sure, pretend it’s for the kids (I did), but know it’s really for you.

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