With the rocking Erin Attwood on her “The Power of Chicks” interview series.

Here’s the copy from her email introduction of the interview.

Welcome to DAY THIRTEEN of “The Power of Chicks”!

With Bradley Charbonneau

It’s time for you to get your action pants on because this interview is life-changing (oooo big words).

My friend Bradley Charbonneau and I had some real-life talk about the need for balance between output and consumption, and I’m not just talking about calories here!

Here is what you will learn from this interview:

  • The number one tool to help you finally achieve the body of your dreams.
  • How choosing comfort only takes you away from getting the body that you want.
  • Figuring out what time of day you operate best, and its importance on your weight loss success.

Just some real good, honest talk about how to do your best and what sets apart the dreamers from the achievers.

It’s not a grandiose effort like we often think…

It’s a little here and a little there (done each day).