Honor Yesterday, Appreciate Today, and Surprise Tomorrow 


In best-selling author Bradley Charbonneau’s book Celebrate, you will build up an immunity to nay sayers who never want to relish in anyone’s achievements, figure out when the best time each day is to celebrate to get the most power, and finally when it’s OK to stop while you’re ahead. 

This book contains way more than words on pages. The bonus materials give you free and immediate access to videos and podcasts, interviews and worksheets that enhance, explain and invite you through other media to celebrate. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 

  • How even a simple smile, quietly and to yourself, at the end of the day can alter your nighttime dreams and have a role in the following day 
  • Why congratulating someone else on their success reminds you of your own
  • When is the best time to celebrate (HINT: it’s not every other Thursday)
  • Who you were when you started and how often to thank that version of yourself for getting you where you are today
  • How a 0.0% Franziskaner Hefeweizen can still be a party with the right atmosphere

Deliciousness to my soul.

– peggy christopherson

Best Selling Author

Bradley Charbonneau

"He's a great author, but he's an even better motivator and has this weird knack of seeing into people's souls and figuring out how to draw out their greatness - it's a freakin' skill, man."

-- Lasairiona McMaster

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Deliciousness to my soul.

– peggy christopherson

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